My baby, my precious love, where has the time gone?

 Baby boy sleeping, safely posed on the soft blanket, with a beautiful knitted baby hat

Babies grow so fast - they grow, and they change, and we change with them.

We watch them being born, sleeping in our arms, we watch their big milestones, their first smiles, their first steps, and in the blink of an eye, we witness them turning one.

Only then do we realize that our baby is now a toddler.

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How long before we will only be able to see our baby in photographs?

How long before they will stop coming into our bed? How long before they replace our cuddles for their friends? How long before our days will be longer, but our time together so terrible shorter?

In time we will forget night time feeds, and we will forget their tiny hands desperately grabbing onto our thumb, simply to feel us close. We will vaguely remember their sleepy smiles.

Meanwhile, we are letting those precious first moments we have together slip through our fingers, only because we are so busy taking care of them, making sure that they are safe, that they have all of our love and all of our time, and...all of those breathtaking moments will fade in our memory with passing time.

We will carry on watching their big steps, and holding their hand when they learn to walk and to ride their bike, and we will soon be walking them to school...asking ourselves: "where has all that time gone?"

Young boy with blue eyes, outside the Cottage in Cornwall, United Kingdom

We will be thinking, "I can still remember their first smile, their tiny hands, and their little feet, and how small they once were. I remember, but very vaguely..."

New baby  in the soft fluffy props and baby hat, with details of tiny feet and little hands

I was so busy looking after them that I didn't have time to capture those precious moments, and I wish so much that I did.

Because now, standing outside their school and waving goodbye I really want to remember every single detail of My Baby.

Back then, taking photos was the last thing on our minds, and now those photos would be the most valuable memories of our little ones...who are not and will never be babies again.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We can stop the time, and we can capture those beautiful moments when we felt like nothing else matter but to hold our baby.

I wanted to remember every special moment with my children, I wanted to celebrate their achievements and our time together.

And I did just that. I started capturing them through my lens.

Although my life is busy, now and again I sit with my boys, and we look through our photographs. All of a sudden, they do remember the day their baby brother was born, they do remember the holiday, where they shared the bed for the first time - playing with their torches and giggling for ages before going to sleep; and all of a sudden I remember why the chaos of everyday life makes so much sense.

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My boys